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Sunday, April 20, 2014

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ASD Flyer

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Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz announced Indiana’s 4 Star schools for 2012-2013 today. In order to achieve this designation, a school must be in the top 25th percentile of schools in three ISTEP-based categories. A total of 311 schools received the  award throughout the state which includes East Allen County Schools’ Cedarville Elementary and Woodlan Primary. Dr. Ken Folks, EACS Superintendent said, “I am extremely proud! Our administrators, staff and students work extremely hard at meeting State standards and achieving academic success.

This is a great honor.” Superintendent Ritz congratulated these schools today. “I am honored to name these schools as our Four Star Schools for this year,” said Ritz. “Winning this award required excellent work by teachers, administrators, students and parents throughout the year and on behalf of the entire Indiana Department of Education I send them my sincere congratulations.”

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New Haven Parks and Recreation will be hosting two events this spring.  At 9:00 a.m. on May 17th is the Elementary 1Mile and Grandparent Walk K-6 located at New Haven High School.  All children grades K-6 are invited along with their grandparents to participate in this event.  This event is open to any boys or girls in preschool thru sixth grade. Preschoolers thru 2nd grade will run 800 meters; while 3rd thru 6th grade will run 1600 meters. Race schedule is an estimate. We will run the next race as soon as the previous race is over. The first race will start at 9 and each race will follow shortly after the previous race is completed.  At the mid point, all grandparents will walk 1 mile together (4 laps around the track).  What a great way to get healthy together with your loved ones!  Ronald McDonald will be there too!


COST :$10 BY WEDNESDAY APRIL 30TH OR AFTER $15 THROUGH WENESDAY MAY 15TH.  Must register by April 30th to be guaranteed that you will receive a t-shirt.                                                                                                                                                                                  (If you do not want a t-shirt, please use coupon code NS to save $5. Coupon can only be used until April 30th. )

On June 7th is the Annual Canal Days 5K 4 Wellness located at Havenhust Park in New Haven, Indiana at 8:00am.  This annual event is open to the community and is designed for both competitive athletes and recreation participants.  We doubled our participation last year and hope to do the same this year.  This event focuses on movement and activity for both the able and disabled.  It also offers a 5K 4 Wellness Raffle which helps schools gain resources for wellness programs and aid local parks in securing funds for adaptive wellness programs/services for the disabled.



(Forms at Parks office,  Here,  www.runrace.net )





Schools can earn $5000 for wellness. Raffle tickets are ready and sales run now thru June 1st. Parent packets are available. All schools need to do is contact Kerri Zurbuch at 260-433-0024 or email her at kerri@wellstrategiesinc.org and request “parent packet and raffle ticket information”.  Proceeds can be used for anything that is wellness related: physical wellness (P.E., running club, playground, nutrition enrichment, 25% sports), environmental wellness (recycling and resue programs), spiritual wellness, social/emotional wellness, vocational wellness (faculty and staff). Over the last two years schools have earned between $6,100 and $800 depending on the number of tickets sold.


Go to www.runrace.net to register online

For questions call Mike Clendenen at 260-749-2212

For questions related to schools participating in the 5K 4 Wellness raffle call Kerri Zurbuch at 433-0024


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by Beth Stauffer

On a wintry Christmas Eve nearly a decade ago, one of Loretta Loy’s family members made a simple observation, an observation that no one expected at the time would eventually brighten the lives of a countless number of people in Allen County.

Nana Helps a Preschooler at Southwick Elementary Select a Blanket on Thursday April 10

“You know, on a night like tonight the fire station could really use blankets like these to pass out to families who need them,” the family member told “Nana” Loy (as she prefers to be called).  Nana was already well-known amongst her family and friends for making beautiful, handmade blankets, a hobby she started when 5 of her 7 children were deployed in the military.

Shortly after her family left on Christmas Eve, Nana Loy rounded up a half-dozen blankets she had already made, packed up her car and drove to Fire Station #3 to deliver the first of what has become Nana’s Creations.

Each of Nana’s Creations, a warm and cozy blanket, has been lovingly made by Nana since that day, a small label affixed to the inside of her blanket with a simple inscription.  Along with the inscription, a picture of the grandmotherly Nana is also attached to the blanket so the recipient can see who created it.

When asked how many blankets Nana has given away over the years, Nana is unable to say for certain but estimates the number is at least several hundred.  What this retired Fort Wayne Community School’s bus driver can say, however, is the reason she does what she does is simple:  “I know I can’t change the entire world, but I can make the world a little brighter one child at a time.”

By the looks of the bright eyes and expectant smiles of the children at Southwick on Thursday, Nana’s dream of making the world brighter one child at a time has been fulfilled.

Nana’s commitment to brightening the world one child at a time is precisely what brought her to Southwick Elementary on Thursday morning, April 10th, 2014.  Nana recently expanded her mission to include entire classes of preschool children in the hopes that all children would have something of their very own to love while transitioning to the rigors of attending school.

After presenting Nana with a hand-drawn token of appreciation, each child carefully went about selecting a blanket of their very own to keep.  One little boy, as if unbelieving his good fortune, said incredulously several times while looking at his new blanket, “Forever?

EACS Superintendent Dr Kenneth Folks Talks With Preschoolers About the Blankets

With a sweet, youthful exuberance, the children proudly showed their new keepsakes to EACS Superintendent Dr. Kenneth Folks and EACS Board Member Mr. Robert Nelson.  Each blanket sported a different theme and pattern, from dinosaurs and super-heroes to Elsa from the movie Frozen and Dora the Explorer; while each blanket was different in style, every blanket was the perfect size for the respective 5 year-old taking ownership.

After each child received a blanket, the children watched happily as Nana Loy received a check from Beacon Federal Credit Union for $200.  The money, as a tearful Nana Loy explained the children, would help her to make many more blankets for many more children just like them.  She then asked the children if they thought other children would like to have a blanket, too?

Indeed, the children thought this was a grand idea, answering with a resolute nod of affirmation in unison.

Following the presentation of blankets, as Nana Loy packed up her things to leave, a sweet, dark-haired little girl named Rachel tip-toed over to Nana Loy, hugging her pink camouflage Dora the Explorer blanket tightly to her chest.

(left) A Southwick Student Hugs Her Blanket Saying ‘This Makes Me Happy!’

“Nana?” the 5 year old said softly, her big brown eyes wide and bright.  “You make us happy,” said Rachel.  “I love you!”

With that, the preschooler quickly hugged Nana Loy’s legs before darting off to join her classmates.

Dotting her eyes with a handkerchief, Nana Loy smiled at the departing little girl.  “I know I can’t change the world,” she said, “but I can start somewhere.”


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2014KindergartenRoundup April 29

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Early voting for the 2014 Primary Election will be available to all Allen County registered voters beginning Tuesday, April 8th in the lobby of the Rousseau Centre, 1 East Main Street, Fort Wayne. Over 22,000 voters took advantage of this type of early voting in the 2012 Presidential Election, and although the Election Board does not plan to see that kind of early vote turn out for this election, they still expect an increase from previous mid-term primary elections. “Early voting adds important flexibility and convenience for the  increasing demands on voter’s schedules,” said Beth Dlug, Director of Elections. “Allen County voters are finding more and more reasons to vote early.” Some of those reasons include reducing the chance to go to the wrong location on Election Day. The voting machines used for early voting are set up with all available ballots county-wide, unlike those on Election Day. This also helps families get their relatives to the polls at a time that is convenient, rather than driving all over town on Election Day to get them to their assigned location. “Some voters like to take care of the ‘What ifs’,” said Dlug. “What if you or your child is sick on Election Day and you can’t go to the polls? Or what if there is a major weather event that prevents you from going to the polls?” Other voters have found that early voting can help the candidates they wish to support. Voting early helps candidates who track which voters have voted save time and money by  concentrating efforts on those who have not yet voted. Many candidates will remove early voters from election mailing and phone call lists. The Election Board office will be open for early in person voting from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday, through May 2nd. They will also be open on Saturday, April 26th and Saturday, May 3rd from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. The final day to vote early at the Election Board office is Monday, May 5th from 8:00 AM to Noon. For more information about early in person and mailed absentee ballot voting for the May primary, please visit www.allencountyvoters.info or call 260-449-7329.

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Allen County 4-H Clubs, Inc. will be sponsoring a Hog Roast, Carnival & Silent Auction Fund Raiser on Saturday, April 26, 2014 The event will take place in the 4-H Exhibit Building at the Allen County Fairgrounds, 2726 Carroll Road, Fort Wayne. The Hog Roast Dinner will be served from 4:00 – 7:00 p.m. or until sold out.

The meal includes: Roasted Pork, sauerkraut, mashed potato, green beans, applesauce, roll, butter, sour cream, assorted desserts and a beverage. Meal prices are Adult Meal $8.00; Child Meal (6-11 years) $6.50. Dine in meals served free to children age 5 and under. All carry-out meals are $8.00. This is an “all you can eat” Hog Roast.

A Carnival with games staffed by 4-H club members will be available from 4-7 pm. Tickets for the games cost .50 cents each or wristbands for $7.00.

In addition, a Silent Auction with numerous items to bid on will be held with bidding open from 4-6:45 pm.

All proceeds from this Hog Roast, Carnival and Silent Auction go toward Allen County 4-H Programs.

For additional information, contact Purdue Extension – Allen County at 260-481-6826.

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110Athletics Launches Sports Nutrition Line for Youth Athletes

Dietician-developed give athletes everything they need to give 110%

110Athletics has announced a new line of sports nutrition products aimed at serving the unique needs of one of the largest groups of athletes in the country: youth athletes.

With delicious formulas developed by dieticians and sports-nutritionists, the 110Athletics sports nutrition wafers are geared to meet the specific needs of athletes playing basketball, soccer, football, and volleyball. A fifth product was also designed to meet the needs of competitive athletes in other sports, ensuring that any athlete looking to step up their game can find a 110Athletics product that’s right for them.

“We’re extremely excited the product is ready to be enjoyed by young athletes, shared Aaron Knight, founder of 110Athletics. “It’s exactly what the sports nutrition category was missing.”

The new products from 110Athletics have been developed for a youth athletics audience that has traditionally been underserved. With approximately 45 million Americans between the ages of 6-17 participating in some form of competitive athletics, many of those athletes have been forced to turn to sports nutrition options originally developed for adult athletes.

110Athletics sports nutrition wafers take the guesswork out of fueling young athletes. The launch of these sports nutrition wafers brings certainty to youth athletes, offering guides for how to best use the products to make sure athletes can perform at their peak from kickoff until the final whistle.

In addition to helping fuel young athletes, 110Athletics will be fueling the Fort Wayne economy by bringing 50 – 100 full time positions to the area in the next three to five years.

Athletes, parents and sports organizations interested in learning more about the benefits of 110Athletics sports nutrition wafers are encouraged to visit www.110Athletics.com, where they can order 110Athletics sports nutrition wafers directly from 110Athletics. They can also sign up to become a member of 110 Club and score discounts for everyone in their youth athletics organization or league. 110Athletics also donates back to each organization involved in the 110 Club in an effort to continually support young athletes.

About 110Athletics

110Athletics is a sports nutrition company based in Fort Wayne, Indiana. 110Athletics was founded with one purpose: to provide athletes with the nutrition they need to give 110% in their sport. Through work with coaches, dieticians and sports nutritionists, 110Athletics continually strives to offer delicious, nutritious and scientifically formulated products that improve performance in young athletes.

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Also extends school day to offset snow days

Despite at least one board member’s concern, East Allen County Schools officials approved an eLearning plan Tuesday to help make up for some of the district’s missed instructional time.

School board members also approved a plan to continue adding 30 minutes to each school day through May 8.

EACS students have missed 14 days because of snow and ice but have been in the process of making up for missed time by extending each school day.

Each full week of extended days allows the district to make up three hours, and by May 8, students will have made up 25 hours of instruction, Superintendent Ken Folks said.

The Indiana Department of Education recognizes elementary school days as five hours and a secondary school day as six hours.

With the current plan, elementary school students will make up five days and middle and high school students will make up four days and one hour, Folks explained.

To avoid a situation in which older students would be required to go an extra day, district officials approved an eLearning plan to help middle and high school students make up an additional five hours.


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by Beth Stauffer

In the Indiana High School Hockey Association state championship debut on Fort Wayne ice, the Leo High School Hockey Association skated away with the gold in the Class 4a match-up with Carmel Gold in overtime 2-1.  Another area team, Bishop Dwenger, also won in overtime over Evansville with a score of 2-1 for the Class 2A championship.

Leo High School State Champions photo courtesy of Julie Holle

Traditionally, the IHSHA Championships have been held in Indianapolis at the Pepsi Coliseum or in South Bend at Notre Dame, but this year the Canlan Lutheran Health Network Sports Complex served as host to the event where more than 1,000 cheering fans diverged on Saturday to root for their favorite teams.

For Leo, the timing involved with moving the event couldn’t have been sweeter.

In the 4A title game, overtime was the name of the game as the Leo Lions and Carmel Gold were tied 1-1 with goals by Blake Kern of Leo in the 2nd and Danny Anderson of Carmel Gold in the 3rd.  The game then proceeded to double OT, first a 4-on- 4 overtime and then a 3-on-3 second overtime.  A goal by Leo High School Senior Tyler Grunden secured the Lions’ championship crown.  Leo goalie and Leo High School Junior Chandler Reinking posted an impressive 32 saves during the game as even though the Lions were outshot by Carmel Gold 33-18, they managed to pull out a win.

Saturday’s win adds an impressive new title to veteran coach Dan Schiebel’s coaching history:  Class 4A championship.   Schiebel has already coached state championship hockey teams in Indiana’s  1A, 2A, and 3A classes.  This most recent victory is Leo’s 2nd state championship under Schiebel in 3 years, and is the first time in history that a local team has won the regular city championship, playoff city championship, and state championship in one season.


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